April Birthstone: Diamond

Known as the “king of all birthstones”, diamonds are a gem that almost everyone loves no matter what month you were born in!



The word diamond is adopted from the Greek word, Adamas, meaning “invincible”.  The name reflects the stone’s physical properties due to the fact that diamonds are the hardest known element found on Earth; and are virtually indestructible!  Forming for billions of years, diamonds can actually be round in every color of the rainbow. Color depends on the type of impurities found inside the stone. For example, diamonds with a yellow hue have traces of nitrogen, while more blue stones have traces of boron.


De Beers pint ad circa 1950s

Over the course of human history, almost every ancient culture had some sort of contact with the indestructible stone. The first discovery of diamonds can be traced as far back as 6,000 years ago! Records can show that ancient peoples used the unbreakable stone to carve their tools and other items our of wood and other rocks. Other civilizations like the Greeks and Romans believed that the gems were crystalized shooting stars that had fallen to the Earth, or that they were the tears of the weeping Gods above. It wasn’t until the Renaissance period that diamonds were first used as engagement rings. The trend was not very popular and only among the royal and wealthy.

However, in today’s world diamonds are extremely popular across the globe. They are used as adornments in jewelry and accessories due to their sheer beauty, their brilliance, and their indestructability. In 1947, a campaign launched that would change the diamond industry forever. Perhaps you’ve heard the saying, “Diamonds are Forever”? The De Beers jewelry company, founded in 1888 in London, coined the term. It means that a diamond is a never-ending sign of love, and that this particular gem would always keep its value. The company also identified the industry’s first diamond grading system, known as the 4C’s (Carat, Cut, Color, Clarity). Almost every gemologist across the globe uses this system to grade and define diamonds!


The immaculate gemstone first and foremost symbolizes love. The offering and acceptance of a diamond engagement ring represents a promise between two people to spend the rest of their lives together. Because of the stone’s known hardness, it symbolizes a deep everlasting love, purity, and faith. Diamonds also represent births during the month of April and 60th year of marriage. Finally, diamonds are a symbol of timelessness; mainly due to their physical attributes. The gems have been deemed the nickname, “The Stone of Immortality”, which may have led to the cause for the celebrated saying, Diamonds are Forever.


Mystical Properties:

Diamond in the Rough

Over the course of human history, and through hundreds of cultures and civilizations, diamonds have always been associated with improving the wearer’s life in several ways, specifically though… bringing clarity of the mind to wearer. Still to this day, it’s believed that the gem has the ability to reduce stress, fear, emotional pain and negative energies; all while attracting strength, power, creativity and innocence to the one who wears it. It’s rumored, that sporting this stone will help one accomplish the dreams and destiny.


This list properties and benefits diamonds can bring a wearer goes on and on. Recognized as the king of all birthstones, babies born in April sure are lucky! No matter your birth month though, you can never go wrong with the timeless gift of diamond jewelry.


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